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A Guide to Buying A Tipper Truck From Cromwell Trucks

Tipper Truck Guide

If you are looking for a tipper truck, Cromwell Truck has compiled some common questions that customers ask.

What Is A Tipper Truck?

A tipper truck is a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) that has a tipper body on its rear. Tipper Trucks are extremely diverse and can be found in several variations and sizes. It is vital to understand the type that is required for the job at hand. Certain vehicles can be adapted to adapt to specific functions, purposes, and load types.  Capacity and size can be adjusted accordingly whether you are working in road construction, a tree surgeon, or a builders merchant. However, all tipper trucks have the feature to tip the trailer. Therefore, ensuring the unloading of materials is easy and safe.

What Is A Tipper Truck Used For?

Often referred to as dump trucks, they are used to help individuals complete projects quickly, efficiently, and safely. The role of a tipper truck is to lift and transport loose materials. The feature of the tipper truck enables individuals to efficiently unload the material with ease. They are ideal for companies wanting to save money on labour and other additional equipment such as diggers.

Who Buys A Tipper Truck?

Tipper trucks are bought by various industries. As well as construction companies they are also bought by individuals within agricultural, forestry, and horticultural sectors, as well by utility companies and local authorities.

How Big Is A Tipper Truck?

All tipper trucks are three metres wide, therefore, as the weight and capacity increase, the length of the truck also increases.

  • Four wheels – up to 24.5 tonnes with a truck length of 7.6m
  • Six wheels – up to 26 tonnes with a truck length of 7.6m
  • Eight wheels – up to 32 tonnes with a truck length of 9.8m
  • Articulated – up to 44 tonnes with a truck length of 14.2m

What Can Tipper Trucks Carry?

Tipper trucks are able to carry a maximum capacity of around 44 tonnes. They can vary and some models are designed to work with lighter loads of up to 7.5 tonnes. The vehicle’s weight affects the number of wheels required.

What Material Can A Tipper Truck Carry?

They can carry various materials including gravel, sand, brick, topsoil, demolition rubble, tree branches, and bagged or un-bagged recyclable refuse.

Tipper Truck From Cromwell Truck Sales

Cromwell Trucks supplies fully inspected and tested tipper trucks to help you get the job done effectively and efficiently. From all the major manufacturers including Iveco and Mitsubishi. Contact our customer service and sales team to discuss which tipper truck is right for you.

Tipper Truck Guide

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