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What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Second-Hand Truck?

Buying a second hand truck or pre-owned commercial vehicle is an ideal way to upgrade your fleet, while also saving yourself money. The reasonable starting prices can be as low as half the price of new and you can make further savings by buying the exact size you need. Your business is assured when you buy a second-hand truck from Cromwell Trucks. All our vehicles are checked before being sold, ensuring your new pre-owned truck still has plenty of life left in it.

The types of second hand trucks

Trucks are designed with specific tasks or industries in mind. The options open to you include:

Scaffold trucks – This range of vehicles include dropside, flatbed and scaffold trucks. The flatbed range stretches from small at 7.5 ton to heavy at 18 or 26 ton. Flatbeds have no roof or sides and this makes them ideal for abnormal loads that are not sensitive to the weather. They are particularly easy to load and offload. Dropside trucks are popular with roofers, landscape gardeners and building merchants. Scaffold trucks have a rigid flat-bed for larger loads and grooves in the bay stop movement during transit of items such as scaffolding tubes.

Box vans – Box vans are secure and speedy when it comes to loading from the sides or rear. These trucks may have a rigid and curved box form and they protect goods from the elements. Curtainsiders are an excellent option with rear roller shutters, barn doors, or side loading via a cantilevered tail lift. If needed, box vans are available with night heaters and sleeper cabs.

Skip loaders – Popular in the construction and recycling industries, second-hand skip loaders are quick and reliable. The load can be lifted past or over obstacles and the trucks are fitted with clamping devices and locker mechanisms to ensure load stability during transportation.

Tipper trucks – Built to last, tipper trucks are robust and perfect for transporting materials such as tar, sand, rubble, and other aggregates, as well as fresh produce. The truck bay lifts back using hydraulic arms to drop their load in the desired area. In this case, gravity does the work and you can choose a tipper truck specified for 3.5 ton to 7.5 ton.

Tipper cranes – Offering greater flexibility, the loading crane is positioned between the driver’s cab and the tipping bridge. These second hand trucks can perform the action of a partial offload and can also be fitted with a shovel.

Cromwell Truck Sales is located on a four-acre site in Stonnall. We provide the very best second-hand trucks from manufacturers such as Iveco, Volvo, DAF, and Scania. Our qualified mechanics test all trucks for road-worthiness, so you are assured a fully functional truck and warranty. Vehicles can be customised with your company logo and brand colours, or by adding a loading and unloading crane.

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