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Why Buying A Used Box Van Is A Smart Move For Businesses

Box vans and curtainsiders are popular sights on the UK’s roads. Large enough to transport a significant amount of goods, used box vans offer business owners a safe and secure space for their items.

At Cromwells, we are proud to sell the widest range of used box vans and curtainsiders in the UK. Our stock includes vehicles from the leading manufacturers like DAF and Mitsubishi, alongside ex-council and NHS trucks on a regular basis.

There are several reasons why you should consider buying a box van or curtainsider. Firstly, they are fantastic vehicles that can provide a robust and reliable service for you and your customers. You can speed up your whole business operation by utilising a box van. Thanks to their superior gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) capacity, you do not have to plan multiple trips when only one will suffice. This also helps reduce fuel costs.

Secondly, businesses can also protect their goods from the elements thanks to their weather-tight design. While dropside trucks are open to the sun, wind and rain, curtainsiders will keep your products dry and secure. Box vans also let you transport goods without preying eyes seeing what’s inside, which is great for the safety of you, your driver and stock.

Finally, a box van provides you with a blank canvas for self-promotion. Get your name out there and be seen by a potential audience of millions while simply doing your day job. Promoting your company on the side of your van remains one of the most effective marketing tools available. And it is effectively free advertising.

We have a fine selection of quality second-hand curtainsiders and box vans for sale at Cromwells Used Trucks. Whether you are searching for a Euro 5 or Euro 6 vehicle, an automatic or manual transmission, curved or rigid box form, contact Cromwells today for the best deals around.

For more details on our range of box vans and curtainsiders for sale, contact us today.

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