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What Is The Difference Between A Crane Truck & A Boom?

A Crane truck and boom truck may look similar, but they are not suited to the same tasks. Both are seen on building sites, in work yards, and on public roads. They put people, equipment, and materials where they need to be for maintenance, installation, or construction.

Of course, within this scope of work, it is essential to choose the right truck for the job at hand. Using the correct truck gets the task done efficiently and safely, saving time and maximising profit.

Here we take a look at what crane trucks and booms have in common, and importantly, how they differ.

What They Have In Common

Boom trucks and crane trucks are both road legal and drive like regular trucks, with excellent manoeuvrability. They are fitted with a hydraulic truck-mounted crane for lifting, which is fixed to the chassis. The lifting mechanism can be front or rear-mounted, making operation easier or improving visibility during the lifting process.

How A Boom Truck Is Different

A boom truck is suitable for precision lifting jobs, where a relatively light load needs lifting. Due to its compact size, a boom truck can operate quickly and access confined spaces with relative ease. The most popular and helpful type of boom truck is the cherry picker. Cherry pickers are equipped with loading baskets for lifting personnel and their tools. This is ideal for completing tree and branch maintenance or drywall or street light installation work at height.

A boom lorry can be fitted with telescopic booms or articulating lifts. These bend for precision positioning, helping workers get around objects and obstacles. Safe access to high locations can be facilitated with a swing cab or separate cab mounted on the boom.

Boom cranes are used across various sectors, including oil, gas, power, telecommunications, and electricity. However, limitations exist as this type of truck does not have a counterbalance, making it dangerous to lift heavy objects.

What Is Different About A Crane Truck

Crane trucks, on the other hand, have fewer limitations. Their primary use is to move objects, such as goods, small vehicles, materials, and equipment to or from the construction or work site. The crane truck is invaluable in many situations because it can load and unload itself without the need for additional lifting equipment, such as a standalone crane, forklift, or digger. This ability alone can save your company or your customers a vast amount of time and money, helping to hit deadlines and protect valuable profit.

Crane trucks are used in many industrial sectors and locations, from builders merchants supplying palletised goods, to agricultural, oil, and chemical plants moving equipment, materials, and supplies across expansive sites.

To discuss which crane truck is right for you, please get in touch with our sales and customer service team.

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