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Drivers Urged To Avoid Flip Flops Behind The Wheel

The UK basked in temperatures of 34C at the weekend as the searing heat that turned Spain and France into a furnace finally reached these shores. The warm and humid conditions turned out to be short lived though, as the mercury fell back towards the season’s average on Sunday.

Although the heatwave was brief, summer is here and we should expect the sun to shine once again over the next two months. That may convince some drivers to raid their summer wardrobe and dress for the occasion with shorts, sunglasses and short-sleeved shirts getting a much-needed airing. However, drivers are being warned to refrain from slipping on their sandals and flip flops or risk falling foul of the law.

While wearing this type of footwear is not illegal, it can still see you in trouble with the police. If you are pulled over while wearing sandals or flip flops and the officer deems you to be driving dangerously, you could be hammered with a fine of up to £5,000 and receive nine points on your licence.

And it’s not just sandals and flip flops that motorists should avoid. Driving barefoot or in high heels can also see you punished. Now you may be reading this thinking: Why would anyone get behind the wheel wearing high heels or flip flops? Well, you may be surprised to discover that a recent survey found 40% of women hit the road in high heels, 39% in flip flops and 24% go barefoot. While 27% of men admitted to wearing flip flops and 22% going barefoot.

Again, let me reiterate it. Wearing flip flops, sandals and high heels while driving is not illegal, but Rule 97 of the Highway Code clearly states the driver should wear footwear and clothing which does not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner.

If you are in an accident or get stopped by the police while wearing inappropriate footwear you could be in serious trouble. After all, your sandals could slip off the pedal or your flip flops could get wedged under it. Both scenarios could lead to devastating consequences for you and your fellow road users, especially if you are driving a box van, flatbed or crane truck. In this instance, drivers could also be fined for driving without due care and attention.

Being behind the wheel of a large vehicle like a crane truck or a scaffold lorry carries great responsibility. You cannot afford to become distracted due to inappropriate footwear, as the consequences could be life-changing for everyone involved.

Make sure you stay on the right side of the law with these tips supplied by the RAC.

  • Your sole should not be any thicker than 10mm, but the sole should not be too thin or soft.
  • Your footwear should give you enough grip to prevent your foot from slipping off the pedals.
  • Your footwear should not be too heavy or limit the movement of your ankle.
  • Your footwear should also be narrow enough to avoid accidentally depress two pedals at the same time.

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