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Drivers Urged To Act Ahead Of Brexit

In the English language, there’s a term that has become synonymous with intense emotion and division. The mere mention of this term has the power to transform even the most composed individual into an impassioned figure, and its implications have caused rifts within families, among lovers, and between colleagues.

What’s that term? BREXIT!

Just the act of typing out the term can induce a headache. Regardless of one’s stance on leaving or remaining in the EU, it’s essential to acknowledge that the ongoing Brexit situation is shaping the UK’s reputation in ways that may not be favorable. Brexit, however, is no trivial matter. Its repercussions will touch everyone if the UK proceeds with leaving the EU. Whether or not Prime Minister Theresa May secures a deal, consequences will ripple across various sectors, especially affecting truck drivers.

Presently, lorry drivers have the flexibility to work for both British and European firms. The recognition and acceptance of the Driver CPC certification (Driver Certification of Professional Competence) on both sides of the English Channel, irrespective of its origin in the UK or Europe, exemplify this cooperative arrangement. However, drivers operating tipper trucks, articulated lorries, waste trucks, and heavy construction vehicles are being advised to take prompt action if they wish to preserve their employment options.

In the event of a No-Deal Brexit, the UK commits to acknowledging Driver CPC qualifications from EU countries. Nevertheless, there exists uncertainty regarding reciprocal recognition from certain EU nations. Consequently, for those currently employed by or considering future employment with a European company, exchanging the UK Driver CPC for an EU CPC before the UK’s departure is deemed the sole means of ensuring continued eligibility to work for both UK and EU firms.

This represents just one facet of the potential challenges awaiting UK truck drivers. From the necessity of additional documentation and ECMT permits to enter Europe to ensuring clear identification of vehicles as originating from the UK, the industry anticipates encountering several hurdles.

As Brexit negotiations persist in dominating the political landscape, with no foreseeable conclusion, it’s evident that Brexit will remain a predominant topic of discussion for the foreseeable future.

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