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Drivers Urged To Act Ahead Of Brexit

There is one word in the English dictionary that’s guaranteed to make your blood boil. The mere mention of this word has the potential to turn the most laid-back person into a raving monster and is so divisive that it has ripped families, lovers and colleagues apart.

What’s that word? BREXIT!

Just typing the word has given me a headache. Whether you want to leave or remain in the EU is irrelevant. This on-going fiasco is turning the UK into a laughing stock. But Brexit is no laughing matter. Everyone will be affected if the UK leaves the EU. It doesnt matter if the Prime Minister Theresa May secures a deal or not, if we leave the EU there will be consequences for everyone, especially truck drivers.

Currently, lorry drivers have the option to work for both British and European firms. Both sides of the English Channel respect and accept the Driver CPC certification (Driver Certification of Professional Competence), regardless of whether it was granted in the UK or Europe. However, drivers of tipper trucks, articulated lorries, waste trucks and heavy construction vehicles are being urged to act swiftly if they wish to keep their employment options open.

In the event of a No Deal Brexit, the UK will continue to recognise Driver CPC qualifications from countries within the EU. However, some countries within the EU may not reciprocate. Therefore, if you are working for a firm in the EU, or are planning on working for a European company in the future, you need to exchange your UK Driver CPC for an EU CPC before the UK leaves. This, according to the official government website, is the only way of ensuring you can work for both UK and EU companies after the UK leaves.

This is, of course, just one of a number of issues potentially facing UK truck drivers. From needing extra documentation and ECMT permits to enter Europe to ensuring your vehicles are clearly identified as from the UK, the industry is going to face several challenges.

With Brexit talks continuing to dominate Westminster, but with no end in sight, Brexit is going to be the main topic of conversation for weeks, months and possibly years to come.

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