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How To Make Sure Your Truck Is Winter Ready

If your truck care is lacking and you are not prepared for winter, costly problems may lie ahead. You need a truck, or fleet, that runs reliably in the tough conditions that winter brings. Vehicles that won’t start due to the cold, slip and slide on wet and frozen road surfaces, or crash due to reduced visibility caused by falling snow, rain, or sleet, can damage your reputation and potentially lose you that most important contract.

However, with the right truck care, you can ensure your trucks stay on the road, avoid delays, and reduce the risks of letting your customers down.

Preparation & Changes

Much of winter vehicle care is about preparation and making a few changes. Priority number one is driver safety, so check that every driver has a snow shovel, first aid kit, torch, blanket, and extra pairs of gloves and socks.

A truck service just before winter is a great idea, and it is highly advantageous to make any needed truck repair now. The biggest change is to drive slower and keep your distance when conditions are not ideal. A few extra minutes on the road is far less costly than having a truck out of action.

If your truck care ensures you can see and be seen, you have won a significant part of the battle. Take these three actions every day to achieve this goal:

  1. Cover windscreens overnight to prevent freezing. You can buy windscreen shields for this purpose or go old school and cover them with a newspaper, a blanket, or an old curtain.
  2. Clean headlamps daily and check all bulbs.
  3. Top up your screenwash, check wiper blades, and make sure an ice scraper is in the cab.

Your truck care should also include checking fluids, including brake fluid, oil, and the cooling system.

Issues To Look Out For

Tyres keep your truck connected to the road, so check tread depth so your vehicle can climb steep inclines and declines. Start your truck care before winter by disconnecting and checking every battery and be on the lookout for warning signs such as stalls, low power, and rough idling.

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