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How To Safety Use A Scaffolding Truck

Scaffolding trucks are incredibly versatile and used by businesses across the UK for moving scaffolding and other goods or equipment to worksites and customers. They are highly favoured because of the easy access they provide to the bed for loading and unloading.

Wherever work vehicles, such as scaffolding trucks, come into close proximity with people, safety must be considered. Inadequate safety procedures, practices, and operations by companies and drivers can cause fatalities and injuries of the driver, site personnel, and members of the public. The consequences and liability of such accidents are significant.

Recognising that scaffolding trucks’ safety is of paramount importance, it is time to discover how you can ensure your business and drivers safely use your scaffolding trucks to reduce injury risks.

Correct Use Of The Scaffold Lorry

Scaffolding safety begins with the same preventative measures of owning and using any other type of truck. As a business and scaffolding lorry owner, you should:

  • Ensure daily driver vehicle checks (walk-around checking) are conducted every day and that your drivers are trained in how to perform these
  • Check your team’s drivers licences to ensure they do not have points or a ban
  • Check that driver hours do not infringe the regulations
  • Consider if it is safe to call your drivers while they are driving
  • Ensure that all vehicles are well-maintained with scheduled maintenance

To reduce the risks of trips, slips, and falls, when handling the load on your scaffolding trucks, you should:

  • Work from the ground-level, when possible, when securing the load, and during unloading and loading
  • Identify and fix any trip hazards such as loose shrink wrapping or damaged banding
  • Take extra care during wet, icy, and snowy weather conditions
  • Ensure loading, unloading, and load securing checks take place away from moving traffic, machinery, or equipment
  • Consider wearing a harness when you have to stand on the truck’s bed
  • Load and unload on level firm ground

Securing the load on scaffolding trucks is equally crucial, particularly as many of the loads are irregular in shape. You should:

  • Ensure the vehicle’s brakes are applied
  • Ensure scaffolding is not leaned against or propped up by the side of the bed
  • Arrange the load so that the weight is distributed evenly to prevent loads from sliding around
  • Do not overload the truck to prevent instability while driving
  • Ensure the floor and deck are safe and in good condition
  • Avoid overhanging loads
  • Check the load has not moved during transit to assess offloading risks, where the load may shift or fall when restraints are removed

Good Quality Trucks

Your vehicles’ condition plays a significant role in safety risks, so it makes sense to purchase good quality scaffolding trucks from a reputable dealer who independently checks all vehicles for safety and mechanical issues. You should choose a top-quality brand, whether you are buying new, nearly new, or used, such as DAF, Iveco, and Mercedes Benz.

To find out about the latest good quality trucks from the top brands at Cromwell Trucks, please contact a member of our team today.

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