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Is It Safe To Buy A Used Truck During The Pandemic?

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect individuals and businesses across the UK. We think it is entirely justifiable to be concerned about your health and safety, and we have carefully considered this and introduced measures to ensure the experience of buying a truck is as safe as possible.

With the COVID-19 pandemic in its second year, we have all become familiar and comfortable making small but significant changes to the way we do business and interact with each other.

If you are buying a truck from Cromwell Trucks, you should follow good preventative practices such as wearing a face mask, bringing your own pen, washing your hands before and after your visit. You should maintain a safe distance from other customers and staff; ideally, two metres were no protective screen/barrier in place.

The Current Restrictions In Place

There are no restrictions in place that you would not expect when you come to buy a used truck. However, you should not visit our site in Stonnall, West Midlands, if you are displaying any of the signs or symptoms of a COVID-19 infection. Furthermore, this advice applies if someone in your household has Coronavirus or its associated symptoms.

If you are buying a truck, you will probably want a demonstration or test drive before making your final purchasing decision. You will be pleased to hear that you can partake in an accompanied test drive in well-ventilated cabs when wearing a face mask. The vehicle will be sanitised before and after the test drive, particularly the steering wheel, gear stick, indicators, door handles keys and handbrake.

We recommend that you visit alone or with a maximum of one companion to minimise crowding when buying a truck and completing the necessary paperwork.

How We Are Keeping Staff And Customers Safe

We are monitoring the health and well-being of our team, and any staff member who has COVID-19 is being advised to stay at home.
Our team is wearing face masks, which we have made available. They will maintain minimum safe distancing guidance as recommended by the government and NHS.

To prevent the virus from spreading through touching contaminated surfaces, we have increased our cleaning frequency of high-touch surfaces. We also ask you to use the hand sanitiser located at the entrance of our offices. You can also refrain from using objects in the communal spaces that others might have touched. This might include vending machines, brochures, magazines, and newspapers.

To minimise your time at our site, you can do your research at your home or place of work by browsing our range of used trucks for sale on our website and creating a shortlist before visiting our site in person. When you visit Cromwell Trucks, you will receive the usual friendly welcome, but this will be in a zero physical contact manner. This means no handshakes or elbow bumps.

When buying a truck, you can make an appointment to further help us avoid overcrowding. You can also request a video tour of a vehicle if you wish and make payments using contactless payment methods.

You can make enquiries and ask questions about buying a truck by contacting us today.

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