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The Benefits Of Buying An Ex Council Vehicle

Ex Council Truck

If you are considering expanding your truck fleet or initiating one from the ground up, you may have undoubtedly taken notice of ex-council vehicles, and their appeal might have captured your attention.

Ex-council vehicles stand out as one of our most sought-after offerings and are certainly deserving of your consideration. Opting for trucks from this category often becomes an obvious choice. These vehicles have been subject to routine inspections and maintenance from the day they were acquired to the moment they were retired from the council’s fleet, ensuring their continuous optimal condition.

Every ex-council tipper available at Cromwell Trucks comes with a comprehensive service history, serving as tangible evidence of their reliable operational status.

Advantages Of Used Council Vehicles

The advantages of choosing from our range ex council vans for sale include:

  • Meticulously maintained: These trucks were looked after by a team of dedicated mechanics, repairing any mechanical issues as soon as they arise. No problem is ever ignored because it might be too expensive to fix, so you really do get complete peace of mind when it comes to expanding your fleet.
  • Excellent aesthetics: Scratches and dents are taken care of straight away. The council has an image to uphold, so the bodywork is always in top condition.
  • Exceptionally low mileage: While these trucks have a job to do, they are not always used from dusk to dawn. Likewise, they usually operate within one district, so long journeys and high mileage are generally not part of their story.
  • Low price: Used trucks are significantly cheaper than new, so you can pick up your next vehicle at a price that won’t break the bank.
  • Well-driven: Drivers are often assigned a particular vehicle, making the driver responsible for its condition. This means that they are carefully driven and typically fitted with tracking systems that report braking, acceleration, and speeding.

Buying a used vehicle

At Cromwell Trucks, we proudly showcase an exceptional selection of top-tier ex-council vehicles, providing you with a diverse array of options to meet your specific needs. Our inventory encompassesex council tipper vans for sale, along with ex refuse vehicles, and dropsides, featuring renowned brands such as DAF and Iveco

We offer a variety of lorries, each falling into different emissions classes and registration years. Regardless of the vehicle’s specifications, our adept mechanics conduct meticulous inspections, ensuring that each truck not only meets but exceeds our stringent safety standards.

With over 65 years of experience as a trusted used truck provider, Cromwell Trucks stands as your premier destination for acquiring used council vehicles. Our expansive forecourt in the West Midlands is open to the public seven days a week, providing you with the opportunity to explore our offerings at your convenience. Count on our technical sales team to guide you in finding the truck you’ve always envisioned.

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Ex Council Truck

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