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The Benefits Of Using A Flatbed Truck

Flatbed truck

If you are hauling building materials or scrap metal or transporting oversized equipment, furniture, or goods, then having the right type of truck can make or break your business. A flatbed truck might be the right choice for you, removing the frustrations and limitations that can hold you back.

Flatbed trucks are durable, highly adaptable, and versatile, which makes them a firm favourite for drivers. A flatbed lorry is designed to maximise space and storage capacity, helping you break free from height and width constraints.

Easy To Use Trucks

Flatbed lorries have a flat cargo bed with no roof or sides. With sides and a roof out of the equation, you have a configuration that greatly facilitates loading and unloading, whether that is by hand, forklift, or crane. You can load and unload from either side or the rear, and this improves efficiency and saves time.

With a flatbed, unusual loads that are a bit too long, wide, or tall for other lorries can be easily accommodated. Your business will maximise the load capacity, and this means you will save fuel by making fewer round trips and be able to shift loads that other truck owners cannot.

Flatbed trucks are also easy to maintain and clean. There are no edges or corners for dirt or snow to build up. Furthermore, flatbed lorries can be easily customised to meet work-specific needs. You can add toolboxes, tow bars, and light bars, and much more.

Safe & Secure Loading

A flatbed lorry makes it very easy to safely secure loads using straps or chains. With multiple load securing anchors and rope hooks, you can secure any load, no matter its shape or size. The driver’s safety can also be protected with a bed that has a special high-grip coating applied to it. Whether it is wet or icy, a flatbed with a slip-resistant surface will reduce the chances of a fall and injury.

Cab security can be a concern for some drivers who leave valuable items in the cab. While keeping these items out of sight is highly-effective at not making your cab a target for opportunistic thieves, you can find cab models that incorporate deadlocking doors. These are almost unbreakable, keeping valuables and expensive tools or equipment safe.

Your flatbed truck can be fitted with GPS tracking and attempted-theft alerts. Technology such as GPS will help you recover your vehicle should the worst happen. It can also be used for office-based fleet tracking, with live visibility making estimated delivery times known by office staff without even talking to the driver.

Driving and visibility can be enhanced with technology such as heated mirrors. These are a great feature to have on cold icy mornings, helping you or your drivers get going straight away.

Cromwell Trucks has a fantastic range of flatbed trucks from Iveco, DAF, and other manufacturers. You can view our used truck stock online today or contact us.

Flatbed truck

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