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The Do’s & Don’ts Of Buying A Used Truck

When investing in a new vehicle whether it be new or used, it is always a huge decision. Often leading to a person spending hours researching availability, comparing prices and specifications. When buying a used truck, additional elements also have to be considered, when looking at costs and budgeting accordingly. Furthermore, looking into the truck’s history, current engine and mechanical status, and any additional financial and insurance considerations. Although this could seem daunting here at Cromwell Trucks, we have devised a list of top tips when buying used trucks to guide you through the process.

Checklist when buying a used truck or lorry

As you follow through the buying process, check off the below list to prepare yourself and ensure you find the ideal used lorry and truck for you and your business.

  • List your specific truck requirements and specifications
  • Ensure you have a budget in mind
  • Gather the history and current condition of the trucks
  • Outline any financing and insurance options needed
  • Write down any questions you have for the dealer

History checks

It’s vital to gather an overall picture of the truck you would like to purchase. You are entitled to ask the dealer for maintenance, MOT, and oil change records, accident history, and any amends or repairs that have been made.

The ideal place to start is to enquire why the truck is being sold in the first place. If there are no maintenance, MOT, and oil records it is recommended to take caution as this could mean hidden issues if the vehicle has not been properly maintained. Additionally, when viewing the vehicle ensure all safety measures are checked such as steering, brakes, and lights.

Lastly, balancing the costs of different engine models. Certain models wear quicker over time than others and are prone to problems. In addition, think about where the truck will be driven and look into any clean air zone charges.

Reviewing The Truck & Lorry In Detail

It is important when buying a used truck to check the finer details to reduce any future surprise costs. It will also help you when comping prices:

  • Examine the tire tread
  • Verify the oil levels and condition of the oil – this can indicate the overall condition of the vehicle
  • Inspect the vehicle for rust internally as well as external – this could indicate poor maintenance
  • Check the mileage
  • Examine the paint and surface – if there is any raised paintwork this could also indicate rust
  • Look closely at the bodywork
  • Analyse the glass for any cracks or chips

There are also specific details you may need to consider depending on the jobs you are undertaking. For instance, axle layout, engine horsepower, and towing capacity, and transmission type. When making your final decision it could also be useful to cost up the following: any repair and replacement parts, financing, and insurance options, and enquire about warranties.

Choose Cromwell Trucks

With various options and considerations to take it become vital, you choose a reputable used truck dealer.

Cromwell Trucks are renowned as one of the UK’s leading used truck dealers with over 64 years’ worth of experience. Supplying customers throughout the UK with used trucks from all the major manufacturers, like DAF, Iveco, Mitsubishi, and Hino. We pride ourselves on selling a wide range of trucks, from scaffold trucks, box vans, and tipper cranes to ex-council trucks, skip loaders, and tipper trucks.

Our skilled, passionate, and professional automotive team tests every single truck that enters our yard before it’s put on sale, ensuring your next vehicle is fully functional, roadworthy, and has plenty more life. Based at our four-acre site in Stonnall, near Walsall in the West Midlands, we are open seven days a week, contact us today.

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