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Do You Need A Tipper Truck Or A Dropside Truck?

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Tipper trucks and dropside trucks help you break away from the restrictions of an enclosed box. The open truck bed configuration provides is perfect for moving loose materials or equipment.

However, while dropside trucks and tipper trucks may look similar, the differences are crucial to understand. Making the right buying decisions will see you optimise working performance, saving time and stress. Making the wrong buying decisions might mean losing profit or simply not being able to complete your job.

With this in mind, we take a look at the differences between tipper trucks and dropside trucks.

Tipper Trucks

Tipper trucks have a large and flat load area with sides ideal for retaining loose payloads, such as aggregates. The tipper truck might be quickly loaded with a digger at a quarry or builders merchants.

When the truck arrives at its destination or worksite, the tailgate is unlocked at the bottom. The tailgate is top-hinged so, it swings away at the bottom when the lifting mechanism raises the far side. This allows the load to slide down and fall out in a free but relatively controlled manner.

The unloading speed is remarkable, taking just a minute or so from start to finish. The same unloading task could take all day to complete manually.

Tipper trucks are not just practical for building merchants and quarries. A tree surgeon or railway maintenance team might find them invaluable for removing branch limbs and bushes. While a demolition company could remove all kinds of waste such as bricks and roof tiles.

Dropside Trucks

The characteristics of dropside trucks are the sideboards, usually standing twelve inches tall, that release and dropdown. The most significant advantage of drop sides is loading, and unloading becomes as straightforward as it can be.

Loading can take place by hand or with loading equipment, such as forklift trucks or a crane. Without a lifting mechanism, the vehicle is lighter, allowing for heavier payloads before the maximum gross vehicle weight is achieved.

Dropside trucks are ideal for builders moving palletised goods such as blocks, and adhesives. Mixed products, tools, and equipment can be secured and moved with ease. Variations include scaffolding trucks, which are an extended version that maximises the possible length and capacity.

To discuss whether tipper trucks or dropside trucks are right for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales and customer service team on 01922 663686.

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