We are one of Britain’s leading suppliers of used trucks beavertail trucks. If you need a vehicle to load wheeled equipment onto, then this truck configuration is for you. You can practically streamline the loading process and load and unload vehicles safely on the sloping platforms. Furthermore, a beavertail recovery truck can be operated by drivers who have no training in cranes use.

If you are searching for beavertail trucks with sleeper cabs, automatic or manual transmission, rearview cameras, lane assist, and winches, then we have what you need.

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Buy A Pre-Owned Beavertail Lorry

Our second-hand beavertail trucks boast bodies of varying lengths and different cab options. We have stock from the big name brands such as Mitsubishi, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Volvo, and DAF. Our Euro 5 and Euro 6 models offer great efficiency, excellent value for money, and are a joy to drive.

We can equip the beavertail lorries and trucks with custom modifications and the accessories you need to manage your loads effectively. Whether it’s chain hooks, heavy-duty floor lashing rings, stainless steel toolboxes, or landing legs, we will help you take ownership of the ultimate vehicle for your business.

Why You Should Buy With Cromwell Trucks

Cromwell Truck Sales supplies used beavertail trucks that have been fully inspected by our experienced team of mechanics. We ensure that every vehicle is in good condition and ready for years on the road, shifting the heaviest and most challenging loads with ease. You have complete peace of mind when you choose Cromwell Trucks.

You can view our stock online or speak to us about the ‘just-in’ beavertail trucks that are yet to make it onto our website; a great way to get your hands on a deal before your competitors. If you are looking for a car transporter or beavertail plant lorry, give us a call on 01922 455727 or 01922 457585.