Are you looking to buy a used beavertail truck or a car transporter? Then you have come to the right place. We are one of Britain’s leading suppliers of used trucks and car transporters and are open seven days a week. If you need a vehicle to load wheeled equipment on to then the beavertail is for you. Not only can it streamline the loading process in a practical way, the beavertails are also incredibly safe. The other bonus is that it means operators do not have to be trained to use cranes.

Second-hand beavertail trucks boast bodies of varying lengths and different cab options. And we deal with car transporters and beavertails from big name brands such as Mitsubishi, Iveco, Mercedes Benz and DAF. Our car transporters also boast low mileage and value for money.

Cromwell Truck Sales can also ensure that all of the vehicles for sale will come fully inspected. They will have carried some huge equipment during their previous life, but we will make sure that they are as good as new when they leave us. So if you are looking for an Isuzu car transporter then give us a call on 01922 455727 or 01922 457585 now.