Hiab crane trucks are a clear industry leader, and we have a wide range built on bodies from leading brands such as IVECO, Volvo, DAF, and Mercedes. With a choice of hook, grab, or bucket attachments, operators, can grab, load, and unload cargo of different shapes, sizes, and weights.

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Hiab lorry mount cranes are typically positioned at the front or rear of the truck bed. The powerful mechanics and hydraulics allow operators to lift and move almost anything. The Hiab crane trucks and lorries have either on-truck manual or wireless remote controls. Radio remotes are extremely handy, improving safety with the operator controlling the crane from a distance. This also allows the user to move around and make precision moves and placements.

Hiab Crane Trucks For Sale

Cromwell Trucks holds a stock of new and used Hiab crane trucks, ready for custom modifications. We can conduct a bespoke build to adapt the vehicle exactly to your needs, even if that is just applying a livery or paint to match your company’s branding.

If you need a brick grabber, chains, or an arm that offers a 30 metre reach with up to 60 metre lift height, we have the Hiab crane trucks you need. Whether it is custom or straightforward off the rack, our Hiab loader cranes deliver incredible flexibility, with the crane packing neatly away after use.

Transport Heavy Good With Our Hiab Crane Trucks

When it comes to transporting heavy goods, our Hiab crane trucks are a great alternative to a normal crane, helping businesses keep costs down. Perfectly adept at lifting and moving abnormal loads of up to 30 tons, there is a solution that will carry out plant moves, move portable cabins, lift steel containers or large pallets, and unload machinery of different shapes.

We can help you safely and easily move anything and if you do not see the model you are after on our website, give us a call to find out about the vehicles that are just in.