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Tipper trucks, also known as dump trucks, are a type of commercial truck that is commonly used in the construction, mining, and transportation industries. They are designed to transport and dump loose materials, such as sand, gravel, rocks, and construction waste, at construction sites or waste disposal areas.

Tipper trucks have a hydraulic lifting mechanism that allows them to tip the load from the back of the truck bed, using a hinge at the rear, and unload the material onto the ground. The tipping mechanism can be activated by a control lever located in the truck cab or through a remote control.

Tipper trucks are available in different sizes, ranging from small single-axle trucks to large off-road trucks. They can be classified based on their load capacity, which is measured in cubic yards, and their drive configuration, which can be either 4×2, 6×4, or 8×4. The larger trucks are used for heavy-duty applications, such as mining, while the smaller ones are suitable for light-duty tasks, such as landscaping or small construction projects.

Tipper lorries are unquestionably the hardest-working member of the truck family. They are built to carry loads that can cause significant wear or damage to standard lorries. We have a large stock of fully inspected and tested trucks for sale. Including a mix of lightweight 7.5-tonne vehicle weight models up to rigid heavyweight 32-tonne GVW models.

Other truck types may make a higher number of deliveries along multi-drop routes. But these are designed to carry heavy and bulky aggregates in a single load to busy building sites.

Tippers are also tasked with waste removal, most often in the form of demolition rubble. However, bagged, or recyclable waste can be transported in caged tippers. Lighter models are leveraged by tree surgeons and many other trades. While insulated options are ideal for moving hot tarmac making them a top choice for road crews.

When you need a truck that is powerful enough to carry heavy loads such as sand or tough. Whilst also able to withstand and resist damage from rough aggregates such as gravel and stone. A used tipper truck from leading manufacturers such as DAF and Iveco is the vehicle for you.

Low Mileage Tippers For Sale

Tippers are the right truck choice for whenever you need to deliver or remove loads from work sites with poor access or uneven and unsurfaced roads. Accessing the site alone can put substantial wear on trucks that are not up to these rigors. We have used tippers ready to go with strengthened suspension and steering components and tough high-grip tires.

Every chassis and axle configuration exists, including 4×2, 6×4, 8×4, and 8×8. You can create your own bespoke vehicle. Choosing from a standard day cab, sleeper cab, or crew cab. In addition to your preference for manual and automatic Euro 5 or Euro 6-rated transmissions.

Our mechanics take the time to comprehensively check each low-mileage truck. This is all before they appear on our website or go on sale at our four-acre site in the West Midlands. We aim to ensure that all second-hand tippers have many years ahead of them. Furthermore, all of our high-quality tipper lorries are fully guaranteed.