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What Can A Box Van Be Used For?

The box van stands out as a versatile and flexible choice widely embraced by businesses across the UK. Renowned for its adaptability, this vehicle proves to be an ideal solution for transporting a diverse range of goods, merchandise, food, and equipment.

Employed across various industries within distribution and supply, box vans typically feature a separate cab and an enclosed cargo area. The enclosed bay offers several advantages, including heightened security and protection of the load from adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice, wind, and the sun’s rays.

Whether navigating city streets or embarking on long-haul journeys along motorways and international ferries into Europe, box trucks demonstrate their adaptability. The latest Euro 6 rated box vans can even enter Low Emission Zones in cities like London and Birmingham, ensuring suitability for diverse locations and job requirements.

Large Ticket Item Delivery

Designed in various sizes to cater to the needs of individual businesses and service sectors, box vans excel at accommodating bulky loads. Models with tall cargo bays or extended wheelbases prove ideal for handling extra-long loads, making them suitable for removal businesses transporting furniture, appliances, and large boxes, as well as serving as a general workhorse with a high weight capacity.

Benefits of Buying a Used Box Van

Opting for a used box van offers numerous advantages, notably substantial cost savings compared to newly manufactured counterparts. Beyond the initial financial benefits, these vehicles often boast better fuel efficiency than semi-trucks, reducing running costs and eliminating the time and hassle associated with trailer hook-ups.

Security ranks high among businesses moving goods, and box vans excel in keeping valuable items, tools, and equipment out of sight from potential thieves. Quick and efficient loading and unloading are facilitated through rear roller shutters or side loading doors. Many box vans also feature a cantilever tail lift, reducing physical strain on drivers and ensuring easy transfer of goods to street level—a crucial element for businesses without loading docks.

Maneuverability is a standout feature appreciated by drivers, particularly in tight spaces, congested city centers, narrow village streets, and winding country lanes.

Additionally, the box-shaped load bay serves as a valuable advertising space, allowing companies to showcase their brand, marketing messages, and contact details prominently.

Top manufacturers, including Iveco, DAF, Mercedes Benz, and Mitsubishi, offer a range of models with features such as sleeper cabins, night heaters, maneuvering cameras, and more—enhancing safety and contributing to the overall profitability of businesses.

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