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What Can A Box Van Be Used For?

A box van is a firm favourite with many businesses across the UK. They are loved for their versatility and flexibility, and for many firms, they are the perfect vehicle for moving a wide range of goods, merchandise, food, and equipment.

Used in many industries across the distribution and supply sectors, box vans have a separate cab and an enclosed cargo area. This enclosed bay offers many advantages, including heightening security and protecting the load from rain, snow, ice, wind, and the sun’s rays.

Box trucks are as at home in the city as they are running long haul jobs up and down motorways or venturing further afield on ferries and into Europe. The latest Euro 6 rated box van can enter the Low Emission Zones of London and Birmingham, so if you are looking to buy used box vans for your business, then there is a solution for any location or job.


Large Ticket Item Delivery

The box van is made in many different sizes to handle the needs of individual businesses and service sectors. Bulky loads are accommodated by models with tall cargo bays or long wheelbases for holding extra-long loads.

Whether you are a removal business moving furniture, appliances, and large boxes or need a general workhorse with a high weight capacity, the box van has you covered.


Benefits Of Buying A Used Box Van

There are many benefits to buying a used box van, including making a huge saving compared to the cost of a box van that has just come off the production line. In addition to these initial cost savings, these vehicles, in most cases, offer better fuel efficiency than semi-trucks, keeping running costs down and preventing the time and hassle spent hooking up to a trailer.

Security is a prime concern of businesses moving goods, and the box van does an excellent job in keeping goods, tools, and equipment out of the sight of potential thieves. Also, loading and unloading are quick and efficient, with access to loads from the rear roller shutters or side loading doors. These trucks often include a cantilever tail lift, which reduces the physical strain placed on drivers and brings the goods down to the street level. A tail lift is often essential for businesses that are not using a loading dock.

Drivers love this style of a van because they are so easy to maneuver. When it comes to tight spaces, congested city centres, narrow village streets, and winding country lanes, this truck comes into its own.

Free advertising is another benefit. The box-shaped load bay is a perfect size and shape for promoting your company and brand, marketing messages, and contact details such as your website or telephone number.

Models are available from the best manufacturers, including Iveco, DAF, Mercedes Benz, and Mitsubishi. There are models with sleeper cabins, night heaters, maneuvering cameras, and a whole host of other features that improve safety and help make your business more profitable.

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