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Why You Should Buy A Used Scaffold Truck

A scaffold truck is, without a doubt, the best vehicle for builders and many other businesses. They can carry anything from water and waste pipes to scaffolding poles and construction tools. They are easy to load and unload, and the best manufacturers all make them, including DAF, Iveco, and Mitsubishi.

If you are looking to expand your fleet or buy your first, a used scaffolding truck is a great way to go.


The Benefits Of Buying Used

The benefits of buying used are numerous, and the financial benefits will sit at the top of the list for most. Firstly, you can pick a vehicle that better fits your budget, with prices significantly less than new. This will lower your outlay and give you the option to purchase a more capable scaffold truck that would otherwise be out of your price range.

Secondly, most of the scaffold truck’s depreciation will already have occurred. You can let another business take this hit, and although depreciation continues, it significantly slows once the scaffold truck is two years old.

The truck you buy will also be run in. You will know that the flatbed is safe, reliable, and in good condition when you choose a reputable dealer.


Things To Look For When Buying A Used Truck

There are several things you should do and look out for when you are buying a used truck. You should set a budget at the outset and include the cost for modifications or add-on parts you may need.

It helps to create a list of features before you browse trucks online or visit a forecourt. You should also consider if you need a Euro 6 engine for entering Ultra Low Emission Zones.

You should do your due diligence and check the history and background of the scaffold truck. Check to see if it has been in an accident. Check if it has been serviced regularly and had oil changes; both are good indicators that the previous owner has kept it in good condition.

You can trust Cromwell Trucks when buying pre-owned flatbed commercial lorries. We offer competitive prices, test every vehicle, and have 65 years of experience serving many faithful customers.

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