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Five Things Drivers Must Stop Doing To Avoid Being Fined

Driving a truck

There are numerous rules drivers in the UK need to follow in order to stay on the right side of the law. Everyone knows you can’t drink and drive, that operating handheld devices while behind the wheel is illegal and that the speed limit has been set for a reason.

However, there are several lesser-known laws that could land motorists in hot water. In our latest blog post we are going to look at five rules of the road motorists could easily fall foul of.

Keep It Clean On The Road

Millions of people around the globe are advocates for the natural healing health benefits of mud. Mud baths and mud masks are believed to help soothe chronic back pain, reduce skin complaints and improve psoriasis. Unfortunately, the only thing caking your scaffold truck in mud will get you is a massive fine!

Getting dirty is an occupational hazard for vehicles in the construction and landscaping industry. Whether you are transporting building materials or shrubbery to and from building sites, you must ensure the number plate of your tipper truck or scaffold truck is clear and legible. It doesn’t matter if your number plate is partially or completely caked in mud, if a police officer pulls you over you run the risk of being fined £1,000.

Don’t push your luck. Make sure your number plates, both front and back, are clean and easy to read.

Get A Move On

We are fully aware that drivers who break the speed limit risk a significant fine and could even lose their licence. But did you know you could also be fined for going too slow! Yes, all those Sunday drivers crawling along the motorway at 40mph are liable to receive a substantial fine if their driving is deemed to have an adverse effect on those around them.

Water Way To Get A Fine

The weather so far this year has been a complete and utter washout. Certain parts of the UK have suffered severe flooding as the country has witnessed more than double the amount of average rainfall. All this water needs somewhere to go but the combination of poorly maintained drains and persistent rain means our roads are often transformed into mini lakes and ponds. This is neither great for motorists or pedestrians. Innocent walkers can often be drenched by drivers on rain-soaked surfaces. But drivers, including those who own skip loaders and box vans, risk receiving a fixed penalty through the post if they are caught deliberately splashing pedestrians.

Make Sure You Are Seen To Be Seen

Staying with the weather theme, did you know that you could be fined £50 for NOT switching on your headlights when its raining cats and dogs? Although some newer vehicles operate with daytime running lights, drivers of older vehicles must ensure they make themselves visible when spray and fog decrease visibility on the road. You can also be punished if you drive off with snow on your roof.

Put The Snack Back In The Pack

Drivers get peckish, especially when you are travelling long distances. But it doesn’t matter if you crack open a packet of Scotch eggs in the fast lane of the motorway or tuck in to a Tunnock’s teacake at the traffic lights, if a motorist is distracted by eating, the police can hit you with a fine. Drivers have been fined for eating bananas while stopped in traffic and others have been punished with several points on their licence.

The rule of being distracted while driving also applies to those who are thirsty. Yes, driving while drinking can also land you in hot water, with coffee, tea and hot soup ranked among the top 10 most dangerous things to consume while driving.

Make sure you stay safe on the UK’s roads and don’t fall foul of the law.

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Driving a truck

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