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Hook loader trucks, also known as hook lift trucks, are a type of commercial truck that is used for transporting and loading containers or skips. They are equipped with a hydraulic hook lift system that allows them to pick up and drop off containers or skips quickly and easily.

The hook lift system consists of a hydraulic arm with a hook at the end, which is used to pick up and transport a container or skip. The container or skip is secured to the truck bed using chains or straps, and the hydraulic arm is used to lift and lower the container or skip onto the truck bed.

Hook loader trucks are commonly used in waste management, construction, and recycling industries. They are preferred over traditional dump trucks because they can transport and unload containers or skips of various sizes, shapes, and types. They can also be used to transport other heavy equipment, such as excavators and bulldozers, by attaching a trailer to the back of the truck.

Used hook loaders deliver and collect larger skips and bins than skip loaders, usually from large construction and industrial estates. All of our used hook loaders for sale can be custom-made to your requirements. Every used hook loader is inspected rigorously before sale so you can leave our yard with peace of mind.