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Euro Rating
  • Stock Number 4632
  • Registration Number C14 MDL
  • Body Type SKIP LOADER
  • Make IVECO
  • Model 75 E16K
  • Crane Type (if fitted)
  • Transmission Automatic
  • Euro Rating 5
  • Reg Year 2012
  • GVW 7.5T
  • Axle 4X2

Skip loaders, also known as hook loaders, are a type of commercial truck that is commonly used in waste management and construction industries. They are equipped with a hydraulic hook lift system that allows them to pick up, transport and unload large, heavy containers or skips.

Skip loaders typically have an open bed with a flat surface that is designed to accommodate skip containers of various sizes and shapes. The hydraulic hook lift system allows the truck to lift the skip container onto the bed and secure it in place for transportation. Once the truck reaches its destination, the skip container can be unloaded by reversing the hydraulic hook lift system and lowering the container onto the ground.

Skip loaders are versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks, such as transporting construction materials, debris, and waste materials. They are preferred over traditional dump trucks because they can handle larger containers and have a more efficient loading and unloading process.

Skip loaders come in various sizes and configurations, including single-axle, tandem-axle, and tri-axle models, and can be powered by different types of fuel, including gasoline, diesel, or compressed natural gas. They also have different load capacities and lifting capabilities, depending on the model and manufacturer.

Used skip loaders for sale that can accommodate every situation. Skips are generally used for disposing of rubble and general rubbish. Our 18-tonne multi-lift skip loader trucks have a range of features that can help optimise your operations and ensure practices are carried out safely. From a range of manufacturers including DAF trucks for sale.