They say there is someone for everyone in love. Well at Cromwell Truck Sales we can guarantee there is a used chassis cab just waiting for you. Whether you’re after a DAF, Iveco, Mitsubishi or Hino truck, we will have a vehicle for you to fall in love with. Second-hand chassis cabs are much sought after and that is solely down to their main strength, their versatility. Whatever you want from your vehicle you can achieve it with a chassis cab as they come with no pre-built body. Of course they come equipped with all the essential elements, like the engine, transmission and suspension and so on, but when it comes to the actual body the world is your oyster.

The benefits for the buyer here are that they have the opportunity to be as unique as they wish. They really do have the best of both worlds. They can snap up a sound chassis and engine AND have the ability to create a unique body. Our used chassis cabs come with low mileage and you can choose from automatic and manual transmissions. The vehicles range from 2008 with all of them setting an emissions class of Euro 4 or Euro 5. So if you are after a DAF Bottle Carrier or an ex Plumb Centre dropside, give us a call on 01922 455727 or 01922 457585 now.

With more than 300 trucks regularly in our used trucks portfolio, we can help you find the chassis cab that meets your individual needs, or customise one when only a unique solution will do.