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Euro Rating
  • Stock Number 4516
  • Registration Number PN65PYG
  • Body Type CHASSIS CAB
  • Make DAF
  • Model CF250
  • Crane Type (if fitted)
  • Transmission Manual
  • Euro Rating 6 (Euro Rating)
  • Reg Year 2015
  • GVW 18
  • Axle 4 X 2

A lorry chassis cab, also referred to as a truck chassis cab, is a commercial vehicle comprising a cab and a chassis. The cab serves as the driver’s compartment, while the chassis acts as the structural foundation upon which the cab is mounted. The chassis cab is designed as a versatile base for various truck body types, including flatbeds, box vans, and more.

Opting for a used lorry chassis cab becomes an excellent choice when you require a truck for regional, national, or international haulage without a pre-built body. By doing so, you gain a solid foundation for a truck that can serve any purpose and meet diverse goals.

The chassis cab is a flexible commercial vehicle widely embraced across diverse industries, encompassing logistics, transportation, construction, and more. Its adaptability lies in the fact that the truck body can be customised to suit specific business needs, making it a preferred choice for companies seeking highly specialised vehicles.

A notable advantage of the lorry chassis cab is its adaptability. The truck body can be easily removed and replaced, allowing businesses to tailor the vehicle to their evolving requirements. For instance, the same chassis cab can transport goods in a box van one day and heavy equipment on a flatbed the next, simply by swapping out the truck body.

Furthermore, the lorry chassis cab stands out for its durability and longevity. The chassis is constructed using heavy-duty materials, capable of enduring the rigors of regular usage.

Half trucks, including 7.5-tonne lorry chassis cabs, are robust and versatile, and Cromwell Trucks offers a selection from top manufacturers like DAF, Iveco and Mitsubishi. With this solid base, you have the freedom to equip your chassis cab precisely as needed to complete the task at hand.


Our trucks come equipped with the engine, transmission, axles, and suspension, providing you with the liberty to choose and attach the body design that suits your specific requirements. Whether you seek vehicles with low mileage, manual or automatic transmissions, or Euro 5 and Euro 6 rated engines, we offer the features and variations to cater to your needs. When a unique, tailored solution is essential for your specialised niche, a used chassis cab for sale is the ideal route.

Cromwell Trucks offers a wide array of chassis cab vehicles for sale, featuring diverse stock to accommodate your requirements. We can assist you in finding the used chassis cab that aligns with your needs or tailor one to deliver a bespoke solution when standard options won’t suffice.