Cromwell Truck Sales offers a wide variety of used tipper trucks for sale at our purpose-built site. Tippers for sale cover all the leading players in the industry, including DAF 7.5 ton tipper for sale, Iveco, Renault and Mercedes tipper truck. The used tipper trucks we sell come with amazingly low mileage and are fully checked by our team of qualified mechanics. These tipper trucks have had to contend with shifting enormous amounts of weight in their previous life. However, we guarantee that every used truck we sell will have been tried and tested to ensure that they are in full working order.

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Robust tipper trucks are typically used for transporting material like rubble, aggregates, sand and tar. However, our used tipper trucks for sale can also be used to move other loads like fresh produce such as potatoes. Our tipper lorries do exactly what they say, they tip! Once the Scania tipper for sale or Iveco tipper is fully loaded, it can move on to its destination. Once the tipper truck has reached its goal, and is primed in place, the eight wheeler tipper or 3.5 ton tipper for sale will lift back and shed its load in the desired area.

Advantages of Purchasing a Used Tipper Truck for sale

There is a wide range of benefits to purchasing a used tipper truck.
Whether it’s a 3.5 ton or 7.5 ton tipper truck for sale, an Iveco tipper or an 8×4 tipper for sale, tipper trucks are built to last. They are built from robust materials, so even a used tipper truck will perform the toughest tasks required.

You can also save money and increase productivity by buying one of our small tipper trucks for sale. Used tipper trucks can be up to 50% cheaper to purchase but also reduce the workload significantly when compared to manually transporting materials.

All of our used trucks and ex-council tipper for sale come with a warranty as standard. This offers you peace of mind, knowing that you are purchasing a high-quality truck.

How Do Tipper Trucks Work?

Simply put, it is down to gravity. The front of the tipper truck operates by using hydraulic arms to lift the front of the platform so that it is pivoted, allowing the contents to fall freely from the platform to the ground.

Our used tipper trucks range from 2007 upwards, boast varying engine capacities, are right hand drives and use diesel fuel. So if you are looking for a Renault 16 tonne tipper or an ex-council tipper, give us a call on 01922 455727 or 01922 457585 now. We will help you find the right tippers to suit your needs.