The box van is a firm favourite with business across the UK, and when it comes to moving goods, always performs well. They are perfect for hauling all manner of goods, and they keep your cargo out of the sights of potential thieves.

A box van speeds up your operations, particularly in the area of unloading and loading. With access through the side or at the rear, your box lorry makes processes quick and efficient. Cromwell Trucks has a wide range of box trucks for you to choose from, including models from DAF, Mercedes Benz, Iveco, Mitsubishi, and Hino.

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Used Box Vans for Sale

Our used box trucks are available on our forecourt in various sizes and weights. We have standard box lorries as well as refrigerated box trucks with both rigid and curved box forms. With each truck for sale at Cromwells, UK businesses can select the form that matches the loads they carry.

Our box trucks will keep your goods out of the British weather, protecting them from rain, sleet, snow, and wind. With a range of vehicles including Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions rated box vans with automatic or manual transmissions; we have what you need.

Box Trucks for your Business

We hold a large stock of box van models, including options for drivers who need a cantilever tail lift, side loading doors or rear roller shutters. We can direct you towards trucks with the features you might need, such as box vans with sleeper cabs and night heaters. If you can’t see what you need on our website, give us a call, and we will tell you about our latest arrivals.