Cromwell Truck Sales has a vast selection of high quality, low mileage used crane trucks for sale in the UK. Our stock includes vehicles from leading manufacturers, including DAF, Iveco, Volvo, Scania, Mercedes-Benz and Man. We also deal with big brand names like HIAB, Atlas, HMF, Skylift and Palfinger.

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Our Crane Trucks Are In A League Of Their Own

Crane trucks are considered to be one of the most powerful pieces of equipment for the construction industry. In terms of lifting, lowering and moving weighty equipment, these cranes are in a league of their own and come with a range of features and benefits. 

They include: 

• Reduce resources required to relocate heavy objects. 

• Increase productivity. As crane lorries move heavy objects with ease it reduces the requirements to disassemble cumbersomely shaped and sized items. 

• Improves safety when heavy lifting. 

How Do These Trucks Work?  

Hydraulic crane trucks can lift incredibly heavy objects. Hydraulic cranes operate using transmission of forces through a fluid from one point to another with oil being a popular choice of incompressible fluid. The pressure is then transferred from the first to the second piston creating the pressure which drives the hydraulic arm up.  

They are ideal for those people working on the creation of and maintenance of buildings and pipelines. And if you are looking for a vehicle that is mobile and easy to transport, then you just can’t go wrong with a used crane truck from Cromwell Trucks. 

Reliable and efficient, all of our used cranes come fully checked by our experts. If you can’t find what you are looking for while searching our range of rear-mounted and front-mounted crane lorries then, please get in touch. Customers are invited to visit our headquarters in the West Midlands and view our stock throughout the year. We are confident that we will have a crane truck for sale that’s not only affordable but is right for your needs, whether that is a Palfinger crane truck, HIAB crane or Atlas

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