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How A Dropside Van Can Make Your Work Easier

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A dropside van is a practical choice for outdoor trades of all types, from the construction sector to landscaping. Dropside trucks are designed to give you the ultimate access freedom, helping you get more done and in a more effortless manner.

If you are moving mixed loads of equipment, materials, tools, or supplies, these vehicles will aptly meet your needs and reduce the effort involved in loading and unloading.

The dropside van has come a long way in recent years and offers much more than just a tailboard for placing your livery for marketing your business wherever you go. You can keep things simple or leverage the latest technological advancements such as crosswind and distance assistance, cruise control, autonomous city emergency braking, collision warning, and speed limiters.

Either way, you can find a model with a single cab, if you are a sole trader, or choose a crew cab dropside lorry with an extra row of seats for taking a full team to the job site. Security concerns are tackled head-on, with many cabs providing secure storage with optional deadlocking doors, live GPS-tracking, and potential theft alerts.

Easy To Load & Unload

The dropside van is easy and quick to load and unload, especially when the loads consist of bulky items. The tailboards and sideboards are hinged at the bottom, at floor level. When unlocked and opened, they drop down below the level of the deck, making
manual or forklift loading an absolute breeze.

The dropside vans for sale today have multiple load securing points and load anchors to prevent dangerous shifting load issues. Many new and used dropside vans have space for four pallets, and the load floors often have a non-slip coating, making it a safe choice for wet weather.

If you are searching for even greater flexibility in your next truck, then choose a dropside van where you can altogether remove the dropsides to create an open flatbed body, giving you the best of both worlds and adapting to the job at hand.

Of course, safety is a significant consideration, particularly on cold mornings when vehicles freeze over. Opting for heated wing mirrors will ensure drivers gain the visibility they need to maneuver safely, avoiding other vehicles, coworkers, and the public.

If you really want to make light work of drop-offs, you can choose a dropside van with sideboards that integrate fold-out steps when lowered.

A Durable Design

These trucks have a robust construction that is suited for heavy-duty jobs. The vehicles can be accessorised with every essential or luxury that you might desire. Supplementary items include toolboxes, light bars, tail lifts, tow bars, and headbars for securing ladders.

If you are looking to tackle the most challenging jobs and break free from the restrictions of enclosed bodywork, maybe it is time to consider a dropside van. Contact a member of our team today for more information.

Dropside truck

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