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How to stay safe driving in stormy weather

In the aftermath of Storm Ophelia’s destructive sweep across the British Isles, it became evident that driving in stormy weather demands utmost caution. While we may not encounter such extreme conditions frequently, understanding how to navigate safely when faced with strong winds is crucial.

Here are essential tips to ensure your safety behind the wheel during gusty conditions:

1. Plan Your Journey in Advance: If storm force winds are predicted, plan your route to minimise exposure to the weather. Opt for sheltered routes and inform others of your plans in case of delays or emergencies.

2. Be Prepared: Anticipate unforeseen circumstances by carrying essential equipment. Keep warm clothing, food, water, and ensure your mobile phone is fully charged for emergencies.

3. Stay Informed: Keep abreast of traffic alerts and local news for road closures and delays. Being well-informed helps you navigate challenging conditions more effectively.

4. Reduce Speed: Windy conditions can impact vehicle handling and braking. Slow down to anticipate sudden gusts and minimise their impact on your driving.

5. Watch for High-sided Vehicles: Exercise caution around high-sided vehicles, which are susceptible to strong winds. Be vigilant when they overtake, as sudden gusts may affect your vehicle’s stability.

6. Stay in Control: Maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel to stay in control. Be responsive but avoid gripping excessively, allowing you to react swiftly to sudden movements.

7. Be Observant: Keep a watchful eye on your surroundings and how other vehicles respond to the conditions. This awareness provides early warning signs of potential challenges.

8. Increase Following Distance: In hazardous conditions, extend the two-second rule to three seconds. This additional time allows for a more measured response to unexpected incidents.

9. Choose Safe Parking: Park your vehicle in secure locations, avoiding areas under trees, near structures, or phone lines that could pose risks during strong winds.

As you prioritise safety on the road, consider enhancing your fleet with reliable used commercial trucks from Cromwell Trucks. Their selection ensures quality vehicles that meet the demands of various driving conditions. Stay safe and prepared for any journey, regardless of the weather challenges.

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