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The Benefits Of Customising Your Truck

Many businesses across the UK use work vehicles for moving goods, equipment, machines, and people. However, a standard off-the-shelf vehicle often does not get the job done or does so while costing your company time, money, and productivity. Wherever this situation exists, businesses need to take advantage of truck customisation.

Whether your firm provides landscaping, delivers building materials, collects demolition waste, or moves plant machinery, customisation can save you lots of money in the long run. Here we take a look at the most significant benefits for your company.

A Truck That Fits All Your Staff, Workload, And Safety Requirements

Truck customisation means meeting your workload requirements. The benefits of customising your truck might include:

  • Protecting your load – If, for example, you are in an industry like landscaping, then you will want to move electrical equipment such as mowers, trimmers, and leaf blowers, from one job to the next. Leaving electrical equipment exposed to the elements could be disastrous. Water, sleet, ice, or snow can damage electric tools, causing thousands of pounds of damage. Furthermore, if your trucks are left unattended, then there is the possibility of opportunist theft. A custom truck with automatic sheeting, racking, or roofing, are three truck customisations that will protect your load.
  • Improving your workflow – Time and money go hand-in-hand, and wasted time means completing fewer jobs, making fewer deliveries, and paying for staff as they wait or carry out slow loading and unloading. The options for truck customisation include adding a liftgate, a crane, dropsides, or a winch.
  • Increasing truck capacity – While any truck customisation must not exceed the vehicle’s rated weight capacity, custom bodies can increase the volume of the bed. Businesses operating in waste management or moving loose substrates can benefit significantly here. Statistics show that most trucks are only loaded to one-third of their rated weight capacity, so increasing volume might mean making two or three trips for the price of one, saving time and money spent on fuel. You will either end up putting fewer miles on your truck or make many more deliveries each day.
  • Lowering your truck maintenance – With custom flatbed trucks, your drivers can load and unload safely and efficiently. Cranes and forklifts can undertake their tasks with fewer risks of damaging the truck. Truck customisation might include unique suspension and modifications to create an extra-low center of gravity, creating stability and preventing spills on the bed, and lessening the risk of overturning the truck when cornering or driving over rough off-road terrain.

A High-Quality Truck That You’re Happy To Have Your Name On

Cromwell Trucks supplies a wide range of trucks with the option to make customisations such as those mentioned above. Whatever your individual needs might be, there is a solution that our engineers and mechanics can provide. From manufacturing bespoke parts to painting your truck in your company colours and adding your livery, our team has the expertise and experience you need.

Contact our sales and customer service team to talk about your truck customisation needs.

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