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Uncovering The UK’s Top Traffic Trouble Spots

Top Traffic Trouble Spots

Navigating through traffic has become an unavoidable reality for many drivers in the UK. The reliance of vehicles as a primary mode of transportation has contributed significantly to the congestion issues plaguing UK roads. As cities expand, populations grow, and economic activities flourish, the number of vehicles on the roads continues to escalate. Consequently, commuters find themselves spending increasingly longer periods of time stalled in traffic, whether it’s during peak rush hours or unexpectedly due to road closures and maintenance works. The frustration of being stuck in traffic, often transforming short commutes into prolonged journeys, is a common experience shared by motorists across the country.

Recognising the widespread frustration stemming from these delays, Cromwell Trucks and Online Marketing Surgery have quantified and assessed the level of road congestion across the UK. The resulting “Road Delay Report” serves as a valuable resource for motorists and urban planners alike, offering insights into the areas where congestion has the greatest impact on travel times. Shedding light on where congestion is most pronounced and where motorists encounter smoother travels.

Top 5 Roads With The Longest Delays

1.     A50204 (Westminster) – 471 seconds per mile

Located in Westminster, the A50204 earns the unenviable title of the UK’s most delayed road, where vehicles find themselves waiting an astounding 471 seconds per mile. This means that for every mile travelled along this route, drivers experience nearly 8 minutes of delays on average. Whether it’s due to heavy volumes of vehicles, inadequate infrastructure, or a combination of factors, commuters negotiating this route face significant disruptions to their journeys.

2.     A49 northbound between B4368 near Craven Arms (north) and A489 (Shropshire) – 340.8 seconds per mile

The A49 northbound segment between B4368 near Craven Arms and A489 in Shropshire secures the second spot on the list, with drivers enduring delays averaging 340.8 seconds per mile.

3.     A3217 (Kensington and Chelsea) – 336.6 seconds per mile

In Kensington and Chelsea, the A3217 emerges as another hotspot for prolonged delays, with commuters facing an average wait time of 336.6 seconds per mile.

4.     A103 (Haringey) – 335.8 seconds per mile

Haringey’s A103 secures its place among the UK’s most delayed roads, where drivers endure an average delay of 335.8 seconds per mile.

5.     A4200 (Camden) – 308 seconds per mile

Rounding out the top five roads with the longest delays is Camden’s A4200, where vehicles face an average delay of 308 seconds per mile. The congestion plaguing the A4200 reflects the broader challenges faced by inner-city road networks, where the demands of urban living intersect with the limitations of aging infrastructure.

Top 20 Roads With Most Delays In The UK

Area Road Name Seconds per vehicle per mile
Westminster A5204 471
Shropshire A49 northbound between B4368 near Craven Arms (north) and A489 340.8
Kensington and Chelsea A3217 336.6
Haringey A103 335.8
Camden A4200 308
Westminster A4201 299.3
Greenwich A200 294.8
Westminster A302 294.7
Rochdale A627(M) northbound between M62 and A664 near Rochdale 286.8
Kensington and Chelsea A308 281.4
Islington A401 279.5
West Sussex A27 westbound between B2144 and A259 near Chichester (east) 275.2
North Tyneside A19 southbound between A1 and A1068 274.7
Southwark A2198 267.2
Camden A400 264.2
Shropshire A49 southbound between A489 and B4368 near Craven Arms (north) 261.6
Westminster A4 260
Brighton and Hove A2010 257.6
Hammersmith and Fulham A308 249.9
Wandsworth A3220 245.3

Top 20 Roads With The Least Delays In The UK

Area Road Name Seconds per vehicle per mile
Herefordshire M50 eastbound within J3 0
Shropshire A49 southbound between B4368 near Craven Arms (south) and A4113 0
East Sussex A259 westbound between B2089 and B2093 0
East Sussex A21 northbound between A2100 near Battle (north) and A265 0.1
Essex A120 westbound within the M11 junction 0.1
East Sussex A259 eastbound between B2093 and B2089 0.1
Somerset A303 eastbound within the A359 near Yeovil (east) junction 0.1
Herefordshire A40 westbound between A49 and A4137 0.1
Cambridgeshire A1307 westbound between A1198 and A141 0.1
East Sussex A21 southbound between A265 and A2100 near Battle (north) 0.1
Herefordshire A40 eastbound within the A4137 junction 0.1
Wiltshire A36 southbound between A303 and A30 (west) 0.1
Kent A249 southbound between A250 near Sheerness (north) and B2007 0.1
Essex A120 eastbound within the M11 junction 0.1
East Sussex A21 southbound between A2100 near Battle (north) and A28 0.1
Wiltshire A36 northbound between A30 (west) and A303 0.1
Norfolk A47 eastbound between B1370 and B1375 0.1
Somerset A36 northbound between A361 (north) and A366 0.1
East Sussex A21 northbound between A28 and A2100 near Battle (north) 0.1
West Sussex A27 westbound between A24 near Worthing (west) and A280 0.1


  • The recent data around road delays in the UK area of the UK was taken from GOV.UK, where it was split into the Strategic Road Network and local A roads. It looks at how many seconds a vehicle is held up per mile travelled on average in 2023.
  • I’ve put all this data together to see roads with the longest and shortest delays.

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Top Traffic Trouble Spots

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