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Unveiling the UK’s Priciest Petrol Pumps!


The ever-fluctuating petrol prices have become a major concern for drivers across the UK. Over the last couple of years, motorists have found themselves locked in a constant battle with soaring fuel prices, reaching unprecedented heights that have become increasingly unaffordable for many. As these price fluctuations impact not only household budgets but also burden businesses with soaring expenses, finding the best deals at the pump has become a top priority for drivers. Here at Cromwell Trucks, we understand the importance of staying informed about fuel costs and how they can significantly affect your driving experience. To shed light on this pressing issue, we have undertaken an in-depth analysis of petrol prices nationwide and compiled our “2023 Fuel Price Report.” Join us on a captivating journey across the country as we unveil the towns and cities that house the UK’s most expensive petrol pumps. Whether you’re a daily commuter, a long-haul HGV trucker, or a business owner reliant on transportation, our “2023 Fuel Price Report” aims to equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the complex landscape of petrol prices effectively. Armed with this information, you’ll be better prepared to make informed decisions, optimise your fuel expenditure, and alleviate the financial strain that fuel costs can impose.

Top 5 Most Expensive Areas for Unleaded Petrol (per litre)

1. Isle of Man – 149.9p per litre

Regardless of its location as an island situated between England and Ireland, the Isle of Man stands out for having the highest petrol prices, reaching an astonishing 140.9p per litre. It is quite surprising that this small territory, with a population of only 84,728 residents, outstrips larger cities like Birmingham and Manchester, which are not even included in the list of places with the highest fuel costs.

2. East Central London – 149.4p per litre

It comes as no shock that certain areas of London have secured their position on the list of places with the most expensive petrol prices, reaching a staggering 149.4p per litre. Moreover, they are second on the list for diesel prices, with a significant cost of 150.2p per litre. This part of the capital has become synonymous with high fuel costs across all types, which is hardly surprising given the overall inflated cost of living in London.

3. Lerwick – 149.2p per litre

Despite its relatively small population of just 7,500 and being the sole town in the county of Shetland, one wouldn’t anticipate finding Lerwick ranking so high on the list of places with expensive fuel prices. Surprisingly, this picturesque town claims the third spot for the costliest petrol, demanding a steep price of 149.2p per litre. Astonishingly, it also secures the top position for diesel prices, with an even higher rate of 151.1p per litre.

4. Sutton – 149.1p per litre

Sutton, a locale encompassing a portion of south-west London and a small segment of north Surrey, finds itself ranked as the fourth most expensive area to purchase petrol, with prices reaching 149.1p per litre. Despite its proximity to the bustling city of London, Sutton boasts its own distinct identity, blending urban convenience with a touch of suburban charm. The population of this dynamic area stands at approximately 209,600 residents.

5. Kirkwall – 149.0p per litre

Kirkwall, nestled in the enchanting archipelago to the north of mainland Scotland, secures its position as the final contender on the list of the top 5 areas with the most expensive petrol prices, demanding 149.0p per litre. This idyllic town, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Scottish islands, possesses a distinct charm that captivates both residents and visitors alike. With a population of around 10,000 people, Kirkwall boasts a close-knit community that cherishes its unique island heritage.

Top 20 Most Expensive Counties for Unleaded Petrol (per litre)

Rank County Unleaded petrol price (per litre)
1 Dumfriesshire 156.43
2 Denbighshire 149.60
3 Warwickshire 147.86
4 Edinburgh 147.10
5 Ross-shire 146.99
6 Buckinghamshire 146.93
7 Cornwall 146.63
8 Dorset 146.56
9 Flintshire 146.47
10 Monmouthshire 146.39
11 Conwy 146.28
12 Bedfordshire 146.27
13 Hampshire 146.24
14 Oxfordshire 146.18
15 North Humberside 146.14
16 Staffordshire 146.08
17 Berkshire 146.06
18 Northamptonshire 146.02
19 Cumbria 146.01
20 Surrey 145.94

Full data is available here

Top 5 Least Expensive Areas for Unleaded Petrol (per litre)

1. Belfast – 140.2p per litre

Although Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland, few would have anticipated it securing the top spot for the cheapest petrol prices in the UK. Surprisingly, the city boasts an impressive affordability rating, with petrol costs standing at just 140.2p per litre. As the urban heart of Northern Ireland, Belfast welcomes a bustling population of approximately 643,005 residents, significantly more than the sparsely populated Isle of Man, making its position as the most cost-effective area even more unexpected.

2. Torquay – 141.4p per litre

As we created this list, we encountered the first south-western town, and to our surprise, Torquay emerged as the second most cost-effective destination for petrol across the entire country. Located in Devon, this charming town offers unleaded petrol at a mere 141p per litre. Torquay’s remarkable affordability is particularly noteworthy, considering its reputation as a perennially popular UK holiday destination. Drawing visitors from far and wide, the town’s allure lies in its diverse array of beaches, each offering its own unique charm and appeal. With picturesque coastlines, scenic views, and a plethora of recreational activities, Torquay has cemented its place as a favourite holiday spot for many.

3. Manchester – 141.8p per litre

Despite being the second-largest area in the UK, boasting a substantial population of 2,767,000 residents, one might anticipate Manchester to have higher petrol prices. However, to our surprise, this vibrant city secures an impressive third spot on the list of cheapest petrol prices, with a cost of 141.8p per litre. Furthermore, Manchester also makes a surprising appearance on the list of the most affordable diesel prices, holding steady at 141.8p per litre. The city’s ability to maintain competitive fuel prices amidst its bustling urban landscape is a noteworthy feat. Manchester’s economic significance, coupled with its bustling urban lifestyle, would typically indicate elevated fuel costs. Yet, the city has managed to curate a fuel-friendly environment, offering its residents and visitors a respite from soaring petrol expenses.

4. Cleveland – 142.0p per litre

Taking the fourth spot on the list, the Cleveland area stands out with petrol prices averaging 142.0p per litre. This encompassing region stretches across the north-east of North Yorkshire, including prominent towns like Middlesbrough, and the south-east of County Durham, with places like Hartlepool falling within its boundaries.

5. Sunderland – 142.1p per litre

Ranking as the fifth cheapest area in the UK for petrol, Sunderland offers a pocket-friendly price of 142.1p per litre, making it an attractive destination for both its residents and visitors. The most recent data reveals that Sunderland is home to a population of approximately 274,200, adding to the allure of this vibrant city nestled in the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear.

Top 20 Least Expensive Counties for Unleaded Petrol (per litre)

Rank County Unleaded petrol price (per litre)
1 Dundee 136.53
2 Tayside 138.70
3 Co Down 139.01
4 Armagh 139.59
5 Angus 139.66
6 Antrim 139.85
7 Co Londonderry 139.87
8 Pembrokeshire 139.95
9 Co Fermanagh 140.29
10 Gwent 140.30
11 Central 140.57
12 Co Tyrone 140.72
13 North Somerset 140.91
14 Dyfed 140.97
15 Ayrshire 141.08
16 Merseyside 141.17
17 South Glamorgan 141.27
18 West Glamorgan 141.34
19 County Durham 141.46
20 Glasgow 141.47

Full data is available here

The Trucking Industry’s Dependence on Fuel Prices

The trucking industry is facing mounting pressures due to rising petrol prices, leading to challenges in maintaining profitability and financial stability. By adopting innovative solutions, fuel-efficient technologies, and exploring alternative energy sources, the industry can mitigate the impact of fuel price volatility and continue supporting economic activities and essential goods delivery. Cromwell Trucks offer a diverse selection of used commercial trucks. From scaffold trucksbox vans, and cranes to ex-council trucksskip loaders, and tipper trucksContact us today to save money, while owning the truck to do the job successfully.


To find the top 5 expensive and cheapest areas for unleaded petrol and diesel, we sourced data from’s Petrol Index. The county petrol price averages were found on Fleet News, excluding areas that I’ve listed in the top 5 lists. Used Google to search for background behind the towns, while using World Population Review to add the estimated population of the areas in the description.


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