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What Capacity & Size Tipper Truck Do I Need?

If you are in the market for tipper trucks, then there are several things you need to consider to ensure you make the right buying decision. They are extremely diverse vehicles and are found in a variety of sizes and different types. It is essential to understand the different types as the phrase itself covers very different vehicles adapted to specific functions, purpose, and load types.

The capacity and size are carefully matched to the needs of different sectors. After all, a road construction or building demolition company has very different needs from those of a landscape gardener, tree surgeon, or builders merchant.

However, one thing they all have in common is the ability to tip the trailer, simplifying unloading of materials such as gravel, sand, brick, topsoil, demolition rubble, tree branches, and bagged or un-bagged recyclable refuse. The unloading efficiency makes them ideal for companies that want to save on labour costs, with unloading that is independent of additional equipment such as forklifts or diggers.

How Much Can It Carry?

They can carry a maximum capacity of around 44 tonnes, but many models are designed for lighter work with a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tonnes. There are smaller trucks with fourteen or sixteen-tonne capacities as well. The vehicle’s total weight affects the number of wheels, which means you will find four, six, and eight-wheeled trucks.

All tipper trucks are three metres wide, so as the weight and capacity go up, the length of the truck increases. Typically the axle and wheel configurations provide:

Four wheels – up to 24.5 tonnes with a truck length of 7.6m
Six wheels – up to 26 tonnes with a truck length of 7.6m
Eight wheels – up to 32 tonnes with a truck length of 9.8m
Articulated – up to 44 tonnes with a truck length of 14.2m

The Different Types & Sizes

Small or residential-centric jobs can often be handled by a less than 12 tonnes truck with a bogie drive. The next move up from these is a truck and dog tipper. These are easy to manoeuvre around a worksite, making them suitable for small projects where a large delivery volume and high material turnover are unnecessary.

Semi trucks are manufactured up to 19 metres long with a larger capacity. However, the gain in capacity is at the sacrifice of maneuverability, meaning these are suitable for open sites such as large quarries and construction sites.

Road trains and b doubles are popular and used on significant worksites and projects, saving costs by reducing the number of trips required. Road crews have access to specialised insulated trucks for delivering hot tarmac during renovation and repair works.

Cromwell supplies fully inspected and tested tipper trucks to help you get the job done effectively and efficiently. Please contact our customer service and sales team to discuss which truck is right for you and hear more about our stock on 01922 663686.

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