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What Is A Crane Truck Used For?

Passenger side view of used DAF crane truck

When it comes to transporting goods and materials, loading and unloading lorries efficiently is essential. However, this procedure often hits a hurdle when stationary cranes or forklift trucks are not available at both ends of the operation. Wherever this situation exists, crane trucks provide an ideal solution.

Cranes trucks make loading and unloading convenient and highly efficient. They make a substantial positive impact in industries that need heavy, wide, abnormal, or awkward loads, goods, or equipment delivered, relocated, or removed. They are a true multipurpose workhouse, carrying out tasks across sectors such as construction, retail, agriculture, and marine.

The Different Types Of Crane Trucks & Their Uses

Crane trucks have a hydraulic crane mounted onto them, either right behind the cab or at the far end of the deck, making them highly versatile when it comes to loading and unloading. The trucks have four, eight, or more wheels, creating a stable platform for moving loads of up to 30 tonnes with an up to thirty metre crane reach and sixty metre lift height.

A crane truck can access spaces where a traditional crane cannot be set up. This may be due to a lack of physical space on worksites or urban areas or due to environmental concerns. It may also be due to ground conditions and stability, particularly on soft or sandy ground, which is unsuitable for crane pads. With this mobile solution, you do not need to go to the time or expense of laying a foundation for a traditional crane.

Crane Trucks For Agriculture

There are crane truck models with plenty of room for agricultural equipment and machinery. They may be deployed for moving products or heavy tools at mills and granaries. Farming businesses can benefit hugely by moving large pieces of equipment without needing to disassemble them. The mounted crane can be fitted with a number of attachments, including grab buckets.

Truck Mounted Crane For Construction

Crane trucks are the ultimate choice for moving building materials from the merchant to the construction site. Pallets of bricks, breeze blocks, and paving stones, can be moved with ease, along with packs of adhesives and powders such as plaster.

The crane truck is highly manoeuvrable, placing goods right where they are needed. Depending on the crane model, either 180 or 360 degrees of rotation and operation are possible. The crane can be fitted with brick grabbers, timber grabs, hooks, or chains.

Crane Lorry For Freight And Cargo

Crane lorries are also used for marine and international trade, loading metal containers from ground to truck and from truck to ship. Radio remotes allow unloading from a safe distance, making precise moves and placement.

Cromwell Trucks holds a healthy stock of Volvo, DAF, Mercedes, and Iveco trucks fitted with HIAB, Atlas, and Palfinger cranes. Whether you are searching for continuous or twin-slewing gear, load sensing systems, or any other refinement, we can supply the solution you need.

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Passenger side view of used DAF crane truck

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