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What’s The Difference Between A Scaffolding & Flatbed Truck

If you are in the business of moving materials or equipment for yourself or other companies, then having the right vehicle for the job at hand is crucial. Flatbed trucks and scaffolding trucks are two of the most common and versatile types of trucks, and while the differences may look marginal or slight, those differences play a crucial role.

The individual characteristics of flatbed and scaffolding trucks make all the difference and affect loading, unloading, bed capacity, and gross vehicle weight. Your business’s efficiency, productivity, and ultimately profit will all be affected, either positively or negatively, by these characteristics. This makes your purchasing decision one of great importance. Get it right, and your profitability could soar. Get it wrong, and your competitors may be offering a better solution, which leads to falling revenues.

Here we take a look at the differences between scaffolding and flatbed trucks to help you make the right buying decision. Whether you are a fan of Mitsubishi, DAF, or Iveco, you will have a wide choice of vehicles in both categories.

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks are an absolute favourite with building contractors, builders merchants, landscaping firms, window installation companies, and many more. They are instantly recognisable with no roof or sides and are available as an articulated or rigid flatbed lorry, generally from 7.5-ton upwards.

Flatbed trucks excel in any environment where loads are of an unusual shape or form. With no roof, tall equipment can be positioned on the load bed, and with no sides goods that are slightly too long or wide, simply slide into place.

Flatbed loads are usually left uncovered and exposed to the elements. The equipment, goods, or materials can be loaded and unloaded by hand or with a forklift truck or crane. 

Standard flatbed trucks, as described here, then branch off into many different forms and configurations, tailored to more specific needs and roles. Flatbed variations include drop-sides and, of course, scaffolding trucks.

Scaffolding Trucks

Scaffold trucks typically have a gross vehicle weight of 12, 18, or 26-ton. Scaffolding trucks have rigid flatbeds, and these are designed for holding larger and longer loads, including all the elements that make up scaffold towers and beams. The bed length can be anywhere between 21ft and 25ft. The bed may be designed with grooves to stop scaffolding tubes from shifting and rolling during transit.

Scaffolding trucks typically have rear and sides that drop down to aid loading and unloading. The sides are usually short, but high-sided variations exist for those that require them.

The most popular models of scaffolding trucks include:

  • DAF 45
  • DAF 55
  • DAF 65
  • Iveco 75
  • Iveco 180

Cromwell Trucks will help you find your next flatbed or scaffolding truck. When the need arises, our engineering department is ready to create a bespoke bed, add a loading and unloading crane, add your logo, or paint the truck in your company colours. We welcome you to contact us today or visit our site located in Stonnall, near Walsall in the West Midlands.

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