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  • The Dos & Don’t Of Buying A Used Truck

    When investing in a new vehicle whether it be new or used, it is always a huge decision. Often leading to a person spending hours researching availability, comparing prices and specifications. When buyin...

  • How To Obtain An O Licence

    If your business uses goods vehicles, such as lorries and vans, then you may require an O Licence (Operator’s Licence) to operate legally and comply with UK legislation. Here we take a look at when you n...

  • Euro 1 to Euro 6: The Full Breakdown

    European emission standards define the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold in the EU. The standards, the latest of which is Euro 6, remain unchanged since Brexit and Britain̵...

  • What Is A Crane Truck Used For?

    When it comes to transporting goods and materials, loading and unloading lorries efficiently is essential. However, this procedure often hits a hurdle when stationary cranes or forklift trucks are not av...

  • The Benefits Of Customising Your Truck

    Many businesses across the UK use work vehicles for moving goods, equipment, machines, and people. However, a standard off-the-shelf vehicle often does not get the job done or does so while costing your ...

  • How Much Weight Can A Flatbed Truck Hold

    Flatbed trucks have one of the most versatile configurations, achieved through the simplicity of a flatbed. They are the most popular type of truck on the road in the UK and are loved for handling freigh...

  • How To Safety Use A Scaffolding Truck

    Scaffolding trucks are incredibly versatile and used by businesses across the UK for moving scaffolding and other goods or equipment to worksites and customers. They are highly favoured because of the ea...

  • The Benefits Of Using A Flatbed Truck

    If you are hauling building materials or scrap metal or transporting oversized equipment, furniture, or goods, then having the right type of truck can make or break your business. A flatbed truck might b...

  • How Does A Refrigerated Van Work?

    There are thousands of refrigerated vans on UK roads, carrying out a vital role within the supply chain. They are used for transporting goods that must be kept chilled or frozen. Their main role, aside f...



Based at our four-acre site in Stonnall, near Walsall in the West Midlands, Cromwell Trucks is open seven days a week and sells only the very best second hand trucks. We have a huge stock of used trucks and pre-owned commercial vehicles at our base, which means the truck of your dreams is right here waiting for you.

Cromwell Trucks has been selling quality used trucks from all the major manufacturers, like DAFIvecoMitsubishi and Hino, for the past 65 years. We are a reputable used truck dealership and pride ourselves in selling a wide range of trucks, from scaffold trucksbox vans and tipper cranes to ex-council trucksskip loaders and tipper trucks.


Whether you are in the construction business looking to upgrade your fleet of vehicles or a landscape gardener desperate for a more reliable and dependable truck, Cromwell Trucks will find the ideal truck for you.

When you buy a cheap used box van for sale from Cromwell Trucks you are guaranteed to be buying the best used vehicle around. Our skilled, passionate and professional automotive team test every single truck that enters our yard before it’s placed for sale on the website, ensuring your next vehicle is fully functional, road worthy and has plenty more life in the tank yet.

Our vast turnover of stock can sometimes mean not all vehicles in build are currently on site or featured on our website. That is why we recommend you call us for availability or to enquire about any specific used vehicles. As well as our knowledgeable sales team we have a truck engineering department to meet individual requirements. Please be aware we usually have duplicates and variants of most of the used trucks featured.

For the best used DAF commercial vehicles, pre-owned Iveco trucks, scaffold lorriestipper trucks or ex-council vehicles for sale, contact us today.

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